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Interview with the designer GIACAMO MOOR, Metropolis for Post Design



07 April 2014


Giacamo Moor studied design at Politecnico University in Milan, where he graduated with Beppe Finessi, on a thesis about wood, published in Abitare (Valuable Defects: Cabinetmaking between sculpture and design, 2009). He designs and creates unique, custom pieces and limited series for private clients, architects and companies in his workshop in Via Padova, in addition to collaborating with various design brands such as EnvironmentFurniture, Ilide and Memphis.

Other than your own project for Post Design at this year's Salone, what are you most looking forward to? Any designers you are excited to see?

It’s always interesting to see how the different companies and vendors update and innovate their collections. And any Salone would not be the same without talent scout Rossanda Orlandi and her very unique space. I am also looking forward to seeing the lamp of De Lucchi by Hermes and the new collection of Nicchetto by Arflex.

Regarding your Metropolis project for Post Design, how did this idea develop and how have you built on last year's project? How long did it take to create and how did you decide upon 7 limited editions?

It takes long time to truly realise any project; I conceived Metropolis in August and finished it in December. Creating a collection takes a lot of intellectual time, more than when you design only one piece, because you have to find a special balance between the pieces. I wanted to do a limited edition because the anomaly of this project it that I personally realised every single piece in my atelier with my artisan. It’s not a mass production but handcrafted and this made it feel very special.

What do you like most about Milano during Salone? How do you see the city of Milan as host to the world's best designers?

The Salon is such an exciting part of the year; everything happens in one week, but all was prepared in the year before the event, it’s a sort of continuous show for 7 days that builds from what was going on behind the scenes before. I live in Milan so I’m living the metamorphosis of the city and the race against time. But for me it’s also the moment where I can see the score of a hard and long work.

What would be your dream object or piece to create? And what is a dream object that you would like to own?

Often the achievement of a product is born from the dialogue between the company and the designer so every relation is different and interesting. If I could have one object, it would be the lamp of Anastassiades by Flos.

Any advice to young designers out there who have a passion for creating? 

Young designers have to find their language without any influence from what already exists, which is difficult because we live in a world saturated with overproduction.

 “METROPOLIS” by Giacomo Moor is at Post Design, Via della Moscova, 27 from 8-13 April. Open daily from 10am-9pm with a special cocktail reception on 8 April at 7pm.