Italian Kitchen Design: BOFFI's range from outdoor kitchens to wardrobes

Interview with the Brand Ambassador: NICCOLO GAVAZZI, Area Manager, Asia Pacific, BOFFI



07 April 2014

BOFFI has come to be synonymous with quality and design and has been changing the way people see kitchens in Italy and around the world for the past eighty years.

With so many Italian vendors showcasing the very best in kitchen design at Salone this year, what makes BOFFI stand out and different from the rest?

Every passionate architect, furniture dealer, real estate developer, design addict will visit Milan for Design Week. Everyone is looking for new inspiration, new living trends, and new creative ideas in the world of interiors. It is the goal of each company/vendor to a provide a unique perspective for the viewer and to make them want to be a part of their world.

Behind the Salone all of the best Italian companies are prepared to compete for the leadership in each foreign market, knowing that Italy has such a strong foundation and history of breeding incredibly strong and creative communities of passionate entrepreneurs with an outstanding first class production network who are always ready to take the risk to push the level of competition a bit higher every year.

Since 1997 we have used our space on Via Solferino (formerly a palazzo dating back to the 19th century) as the main hub for where we present our products during Salone as well as a general flagship space where we welcome clients throughout the year. Every year we completely revisit the entire layout in order to create the maximum charm and surprise for our regular and new clients. We believe that its important to make ourselves better each year and to build upon this time after time to ensure we remain at the top of our market.

Can you tell us a bit more about the Triennale Gardens project, the showcase for BOFFI's first outdoor kitchen?

Outdoor kitchens are becoming an interesting niche of our market. Piero Lissoni has designed a work-station for preparation, cooking, washing, and most of all, a place where one can enjoy the great pleasures of eating fine food! It is our belief that with the best products, come the best results. The project itself will be presented on a wooden deck, accompanied by special lighting, making the entire staging feel like a Sicilian religious ceremony. We are really looking forward to welcoming everyone that stops by, especially in the evenings.

In such a changing world, how important are materials to BOFFI (where they come from, how they are made, etc) and how do they relate to the signature design?

Materials have always been extremely important to us and are becoming even more important. Our clientele is now more surprised by the originality of textures, patterns, surfaces, and colours more so than of the design itself.

We have invested a lot of thought in this direction. You will find many new solutions proposed for lacquers, and interesting materials, especially as they relate to sustainability issues.

The new Kitchen developed with Patricia Urquiola has been rectified with basic metallic structures and a door system that employs a wide range of finishes and materials.

It’s very interesting to see the evolution of the original BOFFI kitchens to those that we are designing and implementing today.

BOFFI has become known for more than just kitchens and bathrooms. In the last 4 years the company has launched a wardrobe range. How has this affected BOFFI's identity and what is next?

BOFFI’s aim is to be able to service a wide range of clients looking for products that are constructed with a modular approach, like kitchens, bathrooms, and wardrobes.

The idea is that in our international network of stores, where we demand professionalism and innovation from our teams of interior architects, we will have to (more and more!) offer tailor-made solutions for all interior areas where there are sophisticated modular spaces to be decorated in a way that will significantly improve the quality of life of our customers.

Our recently designed wardrobes will take a bit of time to develop but we believe strongly that with our teams of professionals and our commitment to creating a stellar product we can, in time, continue to lead in excellence, quality and in design.

Who are some of your favourite designers that BOFFI has worked with and why?

Of course, I must say, Piero Lissoni! He is the art director of BOFFI, but for me he has always been a family friend. I have known Piero since I was very young as he shared the passion for design with my father (BOFFI CEO Roberto Gavazzi). Since joining BOFFI I am starting to see him in a new light (not just as an AC Milan fan!) and appreciate his incredible taste, strong sensibility with trends and future needs, and his capacity to integrate products into a corporate strategy that fits with BOFFI. 

But of course there is also Naoto Fukasawa for purity of his delicate touch and his rigorous design discipline. And among the new entries, Victor Vasilev is also another favorite designer, for his fresh and incredibly creative mind that is in perfect fit with the BOFFI style.

BOFFI is beginning to explore the Asian market. How does a Western (Italian) meet the demands of this growing and demanding market?

The Italian lifestyle is very much admired all over the world, not only in design, but also in fashion and food. We have to leverage on this to be able to manage an impeccable organization that offers great adaptability to the local markets and individual needs, that always maintains a very clear and recognizable BOFFI style. We believe that our capacity to adapt while also maintaining our natural personality and identity will be the key for our expansion in Asia.

BOFFI, Via Solferino 11
BOFFI at the Triennale, opening 8th April 10:30am- midnight
BOFFI at Salone del Mobile, Pav. 7, stand C30