Cycling Just Got Classier Featured

Hermes designs light-weight city bikes

by 21 October 2013

For French luxury brand, Hermès, it’s not all about silk scarves, seaside lounging or the equestrian world. Hermès is branching out.
It seems to be really taking to its new motto, “A sporting life!” as cycling is about to become classier.

The luxury house is set to release a line of handmade bicycles next month. However, if you are part of the biking crowd, this bike is definitely not for you. Hermès' François Doré, who headed the project and develops Hermès interiors for cars and private jets, describes it as a “real” bike, “simple, efficient, easy to use and elegant” - note there are no adjectives such as ‘fast’ or ‘aerodynamic’ – it’s not a mountain bike.

The bike in question is in fact named “Le Flaneur,” which translates as ‘loafer’ or ‘loiterer,’ which certainly doesn’t conjure up images of setting any speed records or building up a sweat with these bikes!

Hermès two styles, Le Flâneur d’Hermès (a unisex city bike) and Le Flâneur sportif d’Hermès (its sportier version) are perfect for zipping through traffic.


Both are crafted from ultra-lightweight carbon fibre, each weighing a little over 24lbs and available in three colours: charcoal, red, and white. The two models will be available in stores in November and will retail for 10,750 dollars or 8,100 euro each.

The two models feature bull calf leather saddles, handle bar grip, luggage rack supports and the option of eight or 11 gears integrated into the rear wheel hub. In addition to a shock-absorbing frame, the bike features belt-driven transmission and hydraulic disc brakes.

The bikes are handmade in France by local manufacturer Time.