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Shanghai - Art along the Creek

Discover the unique haven of M50 in the heart of Shanghai

by 30 October 2012

M50 Soho Loft is located at 50 Moganshan Road on the Suzhou Creek peninsula in Shanghai. Its impressive space of over 26,000 square metres displays contemporary art from the 1930s through to the present day. M50 is housed in Shanghai’s former 42,000-square-metre Chunming Textile factory, which used to operate during the 1970s. As Shanghai’s textile industry declined and slowly dissipated, Chunming finally closed down in 1999, and this large industrial space was rented out. The factory’s large interiors with high ceilings attracted many artists and designers looking for a much-needed haven in urban Shanghai, and a new art space was born. At the turn of the millennium, M50 became home to China’s newest art galleries, design companies and cultural organizations.

ShanghART Gallery was the first and also the most prominent art gallery to be established in M50. Swiss owner Lorenz Helbling represents 40 of China’s most prominent artists, showcasing their work in international exhibitions through both nationwide shows as well as jointly with world-famous artists. Thanks to the successful collaboration between ShanghART and M50, contemporary Chinese art saw a rapid development takes place in just a decade. Now, M50 has grown into an international art space specializing in contemporary art and modern design. Over 140 ateliers, galleries, art courses and various cultural organizations operate under its roof every day, turning the Suzhou Creek peninsula into a creative hub that attracts both local and international collectors, journalists, art lovers and tourists.

Admission to M50 is free, so you can wander around wherever you like in this art playground and see China’s most avant-garde oil paintings, sculptures, photography, multimedia, installations, as well as ceramics, landscape paintings, modern furniture designs, fashion design, industrial designs and many more original works of art. You might even come across artists in their ateliers and get the opportunity to talk to them about their work. What’s worth a special mention is that M50 is also a mecca for graffiti artists from around the world. Discovering their vibrant and vivid works is often a surprising highlight for many visitors.

Though M50 has already undergone three phases of renovation, the original factory structure and its industrial feel have been kept intact. While based on M50’s new function as an art space, the renovations have created a relaxed and pleasant environment where artists can create and visitors can admire art. Today, M50 focuses on its mission of promoting 'art, creativity, life,' shaping the art industry through cultural and creative activities that reach far beyond the walls of its unique space.

50 Moganshan Road, Shanghai 200060
电话 / Tel. +86 21 6266 0963

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