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The exclusive carpets by Object Carpet are as individual as you are

by 09 July 2012

The things that we associate with interior design are comfort and quality of life, but functionality plays an equally important role. An individually-styled room with a flawless aura and a sustainable design is an energy centre. It enriches our everyday lives both at home and in a commercial or public setting – wherever we happen to spend a lot of time.

The floor upon which we move about is literally of fundamental importance. Thanks to its warmth and comfort, but also its fabulous effect on a room’s acoustics, carpeting is making a triumphant comeback. These very characteristics also make carpeting ideal for structuring spaces and providing a home to modern architecture.

Although steeped in tradition, the company Object Carpet presents its premium products in a most appealing, en vogue manner. Their novel textures, diverse designs and fresh colours are trend-setting in the area of textile floor coverings and allow extraordinary design ideas to become a reality. The successful union of aesthetics and function, paired with the company’s long-established quality standard, has won the trust of customers across the globe. Object Carpet’s exclusive customer base includes Marc Cain, Mercedes-Benz and the Kempinski Grand Hotel in St. Moritz.

The use of innovative materials in conjunction with cutting-edge production technologies make these unique carpets feasible, and enable them to reflect the visions of Object Carpet’s creative team. Cosy and voluminous shags, purist carpets with a clear geometric logic, upscale creations with a hushed, plush grace: Object Carpet’s vast product line, encompassing a thousand carefully selected and precisely coordinated designs and colour schemes, offers a carpet to match every taste. Object Carpet redefines carpeting and imparts a completely new dimension of décor to your rooms.

The weave collection, which has won numerous awards, was inspired by powerful natural elements, volcanoes, lava and pebbles; it is expressive, contemporary and marked by masterly understatement. Special weave techniques engender three-dimensional structures and differing tuft heights to create spatial landscapes and an indoor environment that seems to come alive. Their high-tech fibres make woven carpeting by Object Carpet extremely durable and ideally suited for spaces with a high incidence of visitors such as offices, hotels, boutiques or museums.

The Pure Silk line is pure luxury and an absolute highlight in this carpet manufacturer's range. With 2,400 grams of silk per square metre, each carpet is unique. Its silky-soft features simulate a kind of floorscape choreography that lets your senses come alive. The shimmering of colour and structure, the natural shading effect, the effect produced by sunlight exposure and the view from every possible vantage point continuously changes the character of these works of art. As a rug, Pure Silk is irresistibly eye-catching; as wall-to-wall carpeting, is it a world unto itself – elegant, sensual and exclusive.

Object Carpet is the world’s only company to manufacture high quality carpets with a metallic look. Loops of ingenious gold and silver yarn adorn these carpets, forge elegant surroundings and harmonize beautifully with modern building materials such as steel, glass or concrete. The play of light and shadow gives these visionary artworks an ever-changing appearance, from cool noblesse to a cosmopolitan, glamorous revelation.

Object Carpet is pleased to carry out special requests and provide customized solutions. In collaboration with the in-house team Technikum, unique craftsmanship is applied to implement customer specifications, so that any room will acquire an incomparable charm. Made-to-order carpeting can reinforce corporate identity or underscore the personality of a private customer.
With locations in Germany, Europe, the United States and Asia, Object Carpet has been setting new standards in technology, quality and design for 40 years. Sustainability “Made in Germany”.

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