Versace and Rosenthal celebrate their 20th anniversary Featured

A toast to two decades of stylish place settings!

by 03 July 2012

“Versace is a lifestyle and it should be an all-embracing decision for those who choose to adopt it," Gianni Versace famously declared. Long before the Palazzo Versace hotels and children's collections, 1992 was the year when his brand made its first foray into the lifestyle arena as Versace and Fine China heavyweight Rosenthal embarked on a partnership that would forever 'up the ante' on the art of table setting.

Transforming dining tables the world over into stylish sets with the brand’s emblematic Medusa and signature Baroque details, each year of the past two decades has seen a new decadent theme decorate Rosenthal's stemware, dishes and flatware. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Rosenthal meets Versace, they have issued a limited edition of special pieces: 20 plates featuring 20 decorative designs. The limited edition past collections include:

1993: Medusa

One of the first designs from the Rosenthal meets Versace collection: the Medusa pattern by Gianni Versace reflects the unmistakeably rich, colourful world of Versace. In the centre of the plate  is a magnificent gold-coloured Medusa head, surrounded by opulent Baroque decorations.

1994: Barocco

Opulence, elegance and glamour pervade the pattern of this plate, which features sumptuous motifs from the Baroque era in tones of black and gold. The design uses a stylistic device frequently adopted by Versace: the rocaille. A black medallion draws the eye to the centre of the plate.

1995: Les Trésors de la Mer

Inspired by the infinite treasures of the god Neptune from the depths of the sea – golden statues, shells, pearls, starfish and corals. This collection pays tribute to the fine tradition of Italian ceramics and colours of the sea.

1996: Le Jardin de Versace

A bright and colourful garden party inspired by the French regal era of Louis XIV. The use of flowers, fluttering butterflies, soft pastel colours, bright red cherries, berries in earthy tones characterize its romantic feel.

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