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02 July 2012

Do you dream of sleeping in a B-17 cockpit? Or in a rowing boat? Or do you have an idea for an ideal gift for someone – a vase decorated with depictions of his or her favourite plants and flowers, but you can't find it anywhere? In this case, Bespoke Impact can help. The service, created by Ian Stevens, who has been working in the field of bespoke marketing for over two decades, offers the possibility of purchasing truly one-off items, designed and made to the customer's requirements and specifications. In the photo below, a collar for dog or cat.

Examples include decorative art and sculpture, edible treats such as themed cakes, furniture, items for children such as fantasy playhouses and toys, and much more. In the photo below, a rocking zebra.

Some of the more curious projects completed by Stevens include five large mock graveyards for the British Heart Foundation for PR purposes, and the world's first biodegradable conference bag designed for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. Below, a superbly detailed B-17 model.

Bespoke Impact privileges British designers and crafts makers, and uses sustainable materials and techniques. Clients can themselves contribute to the design of the object, making a gift absolutely personalized. If luxury is uniqueness, Bespoke Impact can help attain it, saving you a lot of that other luxury commodity: time.

Find out more about Bespoke Impact by following this link.