Italia Veloce Bici - Luxury pedalling

Hand-made vintage-style Italian bicycles

by 14 June 2012

The famous 'Boris bikes' in London, instituted by Mayor Boris Johnson, have got loads of people pedalling. But there are some bikes that enable you to pedal with more style, such as this model, 'Ribelle' by Italia Veloce. The vintage-look bicycle harks back to the days of 1950s provincial Italy, when time wrought a gradual change to a bike, with rusting frame, handlebars covered with string, and chunky brown tyres that performed better on the rough country roads.

Italia Veloce has recreated this look in their bicycle Ribelle. Each model is hand-made in Italy, at the workshop in Piazzale Cervi 12, Parma. You can commission and personalize your bike at, with prices starting at €900, and reaching €4,500 and over for the most exclusive models. Each Ribelle is numbered, and supplied with a booklet describing its characteristics. Users can register on the website and document the life of their bike.

Italia Veloce bikes were seen at the London Tweed Run on 6 May 2012, a 'metropolitan bicycle ride with a bit of style.' It is often described as the world's coolest amateur biking event, attracting loads of cyclists who preferentially pedal vintage or vintage-look bikes, wearing tweed garments as stylishly as possible. The itinerary started from Princess Gardens in South Kensington, and toured the London streets, passing the Royal Albert Hall, Westminster Palace, Big Ben and other iconic locations. In this event, the Italian riders rode Italia Veloce and dressed Brooksfield. Prizes were awarded to the most elegant male and female riders, and the best moustache. A handlebar moustache, of course.


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