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Meticulously restored furniture from Baroque to Art Deco

by 05 December 2011

Home Sweet Home. Arriving back home after a long day, crossing the threshold and revelling in a familiar, welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, recharging the batteries for a new day. Your furniture plays an important part in all this. Nothing generates an atmosphere of comfort and elegance better than an antique piece restored with meticulous workmanship, a piece that has offered beauty as well as a practical function for generations.

The Broßhauser Mühle in Solingen (near Düsseldorf) benefits from its long traditions. Today it offers a superb selection of objects and furniture spanning three centuries – from Baroque to Art Deco. In its spacious 1,000 square metre showroom, the range focuses particularly on Biedermeier and Louis XVI. All lovers of antiques will find many pieces that fit their individual tastes.

Are you the proud owner of a rare antique piece waiting to be brought back to its original splendour? You can safely entrust your cherished treasures to the experienced and skilled restorers at Broßhauser Mühle, who are dedicated to restoring antique furniture with a pas-sion for traditional crafts techniques. Alternatively, you can browse through unrestored gems in a further 1,500-square metre space, and choose the pieces to be given a make-over ac-cording to your ideas and wishes. The experts at Broßhauser Mühle are attuned to the materials they work with, and they know that wood is a living natural resource. For this reason, they use only the finest, traditional substances that have passed the test of time, such as shellac.

The staff at Broßhauser Mühle can help you create a home that becomes an invitation for relaxation, tranquillity and dreaming. You can choose from a wide range of fabrics, leathers and colours. Upholstery is performed in a workshop that has accumulated a long heritage of experience, and the results are always finished to the highest standards of quality.

The Broßhauser Mühle gallery is located in the old city of Cologne, on the Buttermarkt, in a historic 15th century building. It displays beautifully arranged antiques, artefacts and quality interior accessories from different periods. It is lovely to browse around and feel the fascina-tion of the pieces presented in these remarkable showrooms. Antiques have their own individual history, increasing in value as time goes on. They bear witness to the elegance of by-gone days, and at the same time they are capable of blending into a modern interior with absolute harmony.

Antiquitaten Brosshauser Mühle: Frank Büsener, Kottendorfer Str. 61, 42697 Solingen, Germany
Antiquitaten Frank Büsener, Buttermarkt 31, 50667 Cologne, Germany

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