Unique design concepts by Vinçon Featured

Marketing pioneers in the world of Spanish retailing

by 28 September 2010

Vinçon is synonymous with contemporary design products for the home. It offers a wide selection of household items, all with a unique twist and engaging visual style. Its featured products include kitchen utensils, chairs, electrical appliances, decorative pieces and much more. With stores in Barcelona, Madrid and on line, it is much more than a mere retailer. It itself operates with remarkable creativity and originality, as can be seen from its graphic design, window displays, and store layout.

Vinçon has developed its approach over the course of its long history. Its origins run back to a company founded in 1934 by Enrique Levi in order to import and market Czechoslovakian porcelain. The following year Jacinto Amat was hired as a salesperson and soon became a key figure within the company. In 1941, the company moved and opened their flagship boutique on Barcelona’s Paseo de Gracia, giving it the name Regalos Hugo Vinçon (Hugo Vinçon Gifts). The shop had an impressive showroom and a large storage facility.

By the 1950s Jacinto’s sons, Juan and Fernando, had joined the company. The Amat family acquired rights to the company in 1957, and they went on to lay the foundations for of one of Spain’s most original stores. Vinçon quickly won a distinctive position in the world of Spanish shops, with its refreshingly unorthodox and creative approach. The company searched for new horizons in the household sector and soon became a household name.

Design is fundamental. At Vinçon everything from window displays to showroom floor arrangements exudes originality and vitality. The window displays are the most evocative you’ll find in the city. They can be thought of as an on-going gift from Vinçon to all passers-by. Objects are carefully placed, so that visitors can enjoy an unusual and interesting experience as they stroll through the shop.

Vinçon’s logo and branding demonstrate the company’s brilliance in the area of visual communications. The logo was designed in 1972 by América Sánchez, and the store is constantly working on its graphic design elements. The Vinçon carrier bag has actually become a collectable, highly coveted item, with different designs highlighting current seasons, and trends created by artists such as George Hardy, Barbara Kruger, Mariscal, Pati Núñez and América Sánchez. Even if you drop in just to browse around, remember to buy at least one of these bags as a souvenir.

True to its design ideals, the Vinçon headquarters occupies a building designed by one of Barcelona’s leading architects, Antoni Rovira. Located on Paseo de Gracia, the showroom is divided into different areas, each specializing in different sectors of home design and furnishing. Kitchen Çon has been dedicated to kitchen-related goods for the last 60 years. Tinc Çon offers a wide range of bedroom products. Occupying the lower floor of the shop in Paseo de Gracia, Sala Vinçon has hosted numerous exhibitions since the 1940s. It specializes in both graphic and industrial design products, and it continues to display graphic works created by new artists.
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