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Imitating nature, reinterpreting the vegetal and animal kingdoms, the new must in contemporary living

by 12 March 2010

A primitive natural world, made up of simple vegetal, animal and organic elements, enters the home dimension and designs new landscapes. Leading to the creation of spaces in which the primary elements (earth, water, air and fire) breathe life into the furniture and furnishings until they become living things.

That the mood is green in no novelty. If a first lady like Michelle Obama has decided to set a good example by growing her own vegetables and herbs in the White House gardens, the recent trade fairs point to a future that will increasingly take its cue from the principle of sustainability. From reclaiming to recycling, from eco to glocal, each design project seeks to shape solutions both aesthetically pleasing and environment-friendly.

And so the sofa becomes a “voluptuous creature” and a “casual” group of forms, like the Kouch & Ouch sofa by Karim Rashid for Casamania; while the chairs of Rude Bravo imitate the forms of savage female bodies, Valkyries covered with zebra and tiger hides; and, ultimately, the “Confluences” sofa by Moooi becomes a theatrical space in which the swirl and flow of water are nothing other than poetic and alive symbols of a world in ongoing transformation.

Kouch & Ouch by Casamania
The piece designed by Karim Rashid reflects a “casualism” of forms, figures, materials and behaviours that gives it movement. Kouch & Ouch are voluptuous, organic and ergonomic creations, the fruit of ongoing research into new codes of expression, taken directly from nature. Modern classics of Italian contemporary furniture - the websites published provide further information but  they are generally not furniture stores online

Full Moon, Techno Moon, Gold Moon by Catellani & Smith
The range of lamps fashioned by Catellani & Smith, which has been producing avant-garde lighting solutions since 1989, is dedicated to the moon. While the celestial body takes us on a fairytale-like journey to discover ancient legends, the most compelling aspect of the Catellani & Smith creations is the magic and enthusiasm that only handmade objects know how to transmit.

Confluences, Moissonnier Commode: Luigi XV (Gabriel Fauré) by Moooi
The eccentric world of Moooi gives us creations so simple they are brilliant. “Confluences” is a work where several easy chairs can be assembled according to the client’s preference, one piece fitting and complementing another to form the final “embrace”. While the Luigi XV Moissonnier commode takes us back to the charm of the nouveau interiors of last-century homes, brightening a functional object of furniture with floral motifs.

Large Crack, Silicon Hills by Rude Bravo
Archaic and non-conventional languages are the means to craft metaphorical objects, like the Crack range, in which the soul of the piece itself emerges from a crack, or like the Silicon Hills chairs, which continue to perform their daily function while their “sauvage” ritualism grabs your full attention.

Vegetal chair by Vitra
Natural forms are the perfect inspiration for the Vegetal Chair by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, reproducing the gardens of last century, in which the growth of young plants was trained to create a dense interlacing of branches in perpetual development. Designed as a real “plant that grows”, Vegetal Chair is an artistic masterpiece, a classic of Italian design furniture .

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