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15 June 2012

Does anyone write any more? With an ink pen? The idea brings back pre-email scenes of letters, stamps, envelopes, last post and first class that seem like something from another epoch. Luckily, there are still people for whom the smooth movement of nib on paper is a pleasure, and for them, Montblanc's recently-launched StarWalker Red Gold Collection is ideal, with some interesting and innovative features.

The pens have a top with a transparent tip, inside which is the Montblanc emblem, that seems to be floating in mid-air. The pieces are made in metal or resin, with detailing in red gold-plating, black lacquer and diamond-engraved lines. The nib is handcrafted in 14k gold. The pens are available as fountain pen, fineliner and ballpoint pen. In the photo below, the versions in resin.

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