Rosenthal meets Versace, new collections 2012



15 February 2012

“The Legend of the Dragon” and “Asian Dream” are the new exclusive collections by Rosenthal meets Versace. Oriental art, myths and legends permeate the atmosphere of the new series for an exotic and fascinating journey to Far East.
A red dragon, the most legendary figure of Asian mythology, rises majestically in the middle of the service plate, conveying all his might and glory. Opulent golden baroque patterns and four small medallions representing the sun and the Versace Medusa decorate the background. Versace has paid tribute to Asia and its traditions in the past, most recently in its Atelier and Prêt à Porter collections.

The mythological figure of the Dragon is available in a very bright and colourful blue, red and gold version (“The Legend of the Dragon“) or in a sophisticated red, gold and white reference (“Asian Dream”).

“Bright Christmas” is the new collection by Rosenthal meets Versace. The Maison Versace celebrates 2012 holiday season in the most colourful, joyful and elegant way. Christmas is a time of family gatherings, warm feelings, peace and joy. The home becomes the meeting place for those we hold dear. Bright Christmas reinterprets these joyful, warm and pleasant moments through vivid colours and opulent decorations.

The series is characterised by golden and white geometrical patterns against a red background, resulting in an astonishing optical effect. A baroque Christmas wreath entwined around the iconic Greek motif creates a contrast with the geometry of the patterns. These contrasts of design and colours convey a shiny effect that brightens the holiday season. The service includes a dinner set, cups and mugs, an étagère, porcelain bells and tree ornaments, table light and boxes.