Guzzini's tribute to the Unity of Italy

by 14 April 2011

Italian design firm, Guzzini whose reputation for creating products that exude creativity, ingenuity, originality - characteristics of so-called "Made in Italy" - found it particularly appropriate to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy - and it has done so in its own way.

Using the latest technology the brand has created a limited edition collection using the colours of the Italian flag, producing only 150 pieces in which white, green and red are wonderfully combined to evoke the 150th anniversary of Italy's unification, in a unique fashion. Items from this collection will be available for sale during Milan's Salone Internazionale del Mobile at Guzzini's flagship store in Via Pontaccio and at La Rinascente in Milan.

The collection includes furnishings such as the chairs and tables designed by Carlo Colombo with green or red seats, and umbrella and magazine holders in the same colors. In addition, Guzzini has also created adorable gadgets with "Love" and "I Love Italy" in the flag's colours.

This limited edition collection is a tribute to Italy in Guzzini's style, in which technology, colour and fun are combined to become create iconic and instantly recognizable products.