Johanne Torpe for Pal Zileri



13 April 2011

Danish designer, DJ and Dictator - according to his business card, Johannes Torpe (pictured above) was at Pal Zileri to showcase a new collaboration with the Italian brand for Design Week. Torpe has worked with the brand for the past 15 years on various projects. Pal Zileri is one of the premiere names when it comes to men's suits and so it was only fitting that Torpe used some of Pal Zileri's fine materials to craft a piece of luxury fashion furniture in the form of a sofa (pictured below) and stereo cover.

Torpe (pictured above) models one of the suits he designed for Pal Zileri as he lounges on a couch of his own design. Only a few suits were made for the special occasion so if you're in Milan and want a piece of design week fashion that's both artistic and trendy stop into their boutique on Via Manzoni, 20.

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