The Season gets off to a flying start with the Azimut Yachts Collections

by 10 September 2010

Eleven models exhibited at the Cannes Boat Show. Eleven vessels with the unmistakable Azimut Yachts signature which, like all the most important names in fashion and art, is the symbol of a unique personality and character.

Recognising an Azimut yacht is simple: there is nothing uncertain about its style, it conveys the strength of a leader, in terms of both numbers and philosophy. Azimut Yachts is the world leader in the production and marketing of pleasure boats from 38 to 120 feet and it is also a pioneering company in the areas of stylistic and engineering research.

The lines and performance of an Azimut vessel represent the best of all things Italian: a love of beauty and a passion for the sea.

Like precious works of art, Azimut has decided to group its fleet into Collections. Four art galleries containing true masterpieces. This decision brings the Shipyard even closer to the Owners: whether sports enthusiasts or connoisseurs of absolute comfort, every Owner can find a Collection with which to identify, with which he can establish a more direct, instinctive and natural relationship. He can choose his yacht from within the Collection.

And it will always be a yacht with the Azimut signature.

The eleven models presented at the Festival de la Plaisance in Cannes are perfect examples of the Flybridge, S and Grande Collections. The Magellano Collection (shown in image above), on the other hand, will be a star attraction at the Genoa International Boat Show with the world preview of the new Magellano 50.

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