Azimut Grande Site is Online

by 05 July 2010

Essential Logical Structure and Multimedia Content for a Website that tells about Azimut Yachts' New Project

Avigliana 2010 – Going online at the URL is the site of Azimut Grande, the new Azimut Yachts collection of products in the over 100 feet segment. A glance at the site is enough to understand that Azimut Grande is much more: most of all it wants to be the new name to describe the approach that has made Azimut the world's most frequently chosen shipyard by megayacht owners.

The ability to listen to customers, creating a direct, solid relationship, has always been the strong point of the Azimut philosophy. This attitude is described at the opening of the site, in the Building Together section. Here it's a video that introduces us to the world of Azimut Grande. A story with two voices: on one side Azimut-Benetti Group President Paolo Vitelli sums up the strategy and design vision of Azimut Grande, on the other Philip Rinaldi, the owner of "Vivere", a 116-ft Azimut, testifies to how gratifying it is to be able to rely on a shipyard that is eager to listen and assist the customer in his choices, a shipyard that is able to give operational responses thanks to the availability of the most advanced facilities. As a further demonstration, the Some Creations section features a rich highlight reel of images that present different customizations of the spaces of the Azimut Grande 116. Minimalist design, the use of marble, mosaics on the walls: the possibilities are endless because each solution reflects the personality and tastes of the individual owner.

Azimut Grande exalts the particular characteristics of Azimut Yachts. Those qualities that have made Azimut the yacht builder most chosen by megayacht owners for 12 straight years, qualities that the site evidences with clarity:

• First and foremost the product, an authentic fleet of flagships. In the Models section the five yachts of the Azimut Grande collection are presented through photos, videos, technical characteristics and layouts.

• The Personal Design Equipe, a special team that can join the owner in any area of the world, with the task of transforming dreams into definite projects.

• Our Strength expresses the economic and financial solidity, the creative capabilities and the exceptional level of production and manufacturing quality of the leading group in megayacht production.

• Built on these concrete data, Azimut's Reputation is a guarantee for whoever decides to invest in the purchase of a yacht. Choosing Azimut as your partner means having the certainty of obtaining an exceptional product that retains its value over time.
"Grande" thus describes the Azimut philosophy and its ability to relate to the customer, and it therefore presents itself with a site that is easy to consult and rich in content.

A Preview of Azimut Grande by Azimut Yachts