The Supercar Owners Circle

A global member’s network for the world’s most discerning car collectors.

by 28 May 2018


The Supercar Owners Circle was founded to express a shared passion between like-minded people - a love for the world’s most luxurious cars.

Surpassing expectations the SOC has grown into an atypical platform, bringing diverse automotive enthusiasts from all over the world to one place. The team is full of energy and certainly know how to live in the fast lane.


Delivering unusual supercar experiences in their exclusive events, members have access to private locations and access to some of the world’s rarest cars. Furthermore the SOC offers bespoke services in all aspects of supercar ownership from buying to selling; along with a number of privileges with partnering travel and lifestyle companies.

The SOC carefully curates events featuring only the most prestigious automobiles of past and present. While the weekends are exclusive, they’re not a rally or a Concours, but a mix between the two. Not to mention, members also have access to supercar experiences around the globe, including premieres of new cars and press tickets for exhibitions and automotive events.


Join the Wolfgang of motor-heads at the next event which is to be held in the UK in June, Switzerland in September and Abu Dhabi and Dubai in December. Imagery is taken from the SOC's latest event, that was held in Milan this month.

For more information and how to sign up, you can visit their website.

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