ePRIX takes place seasonally, in the streets of downtown Hong Kong ePRIX takes place seasonally, in the streets of downtown Hong Kong

Racing Through the Eyes of David Gandy

LUXOS speak exclusively with super model David Gandy about his love affair with fast cars at this years FIA Formula E in Hong Kong.

by James Garth Hill 18 October 2016

Panasonic Jaguar Racing have made its FIA Formula E debut in the season opening race of ePRIX. The race took place on the streets of downtown Hong Kong, making ePRIX one of the most exhilarating and innovative races.

British Model and car fanatic David Gandy was amongst guests; after having received his racing license in 2012 he was invited to MilleMiglia in Italy, it was since then that his love for fast cars spiralled more so. 

David Gandy shares with us one of his greatest passions for cars, the environment, as well as watching and supporting the Formula E. Jaguar’s Formula E programme will create tangible R&D benefits for the electrification of future Jaguar Land Rover road cars and is designed around the team’s founding principle, Race to Innovate.

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photoThe racing enthusiast, David Gandy

‘With the technology coming on board, the cars you know are getting greater. The ranges, the power, it is the future and Jaguar are going to be a part of that future.’

As expressed by Gandy, just as Monaco appeals to F1 fans, having a race within the city means fans don’t have to venture out so far.

‘Personally, I’ve been put off by sometimes having to go to the races and sitting in traffic or parking or everything else. Being in the city you can actually walk down to the tracks and I think that’s a huge part especially for young children and everyone sort of getting into racing, especially Formala E for the first time.’

FormulaeGrandPrixHongKongtfGDZ3tZxjjxModel David Gandy with Jaguar 

Most races include an essential pit stop for maintenance purposes, such as changing out each tire. However, Formula E’s pit stop adds a bit more excitement as drivers switch to a second car after 50 minutes into the race. Due to the long duration of driving, prior to the pit stop, drivers face the unique challenge of managing battery consumption and regeneration of the battery to maintain a sufficient charge within Formula E.

‘This is the future and Jaguar are at the front of it.’