Nicholas Hoult with the Jaguar XF Nicholas Hoult with the Jaguar XF Digital News Agency

Nicholas Hoult Takes On Jaguar’s Latest Driving Challenge

Nicholas Hoult’s name may strike a chord of recognition for fans of his work in films such as Mad Max and X-Men, but more recently, it’s his newest blockbuster, Collide – also featuring Felicity Jones, Anthony Hopkins and Ben Kingsley – which is making headlines. 

by 03 October 2016

In the film, Kingsley’s character opts for the Jaguar F-TYPE, while Hoult steps into a Jaguar XF.

Nicholas Hoult at the site of the Smart Cone Challenge.

Nicholas even brought his role as Jaguar ambassador to the next level by returning to the XF and taking on the ‘Smart Cone Challenge.’  With a beautiful location in Sardinia, this challenge featured sandy surfaces, allowing Nicholas to make great use out of the AWD feature of the Jaguar XF. 

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The complicated wireless technology used to design the course allows for randomly selected cones to be illuminated, so that each ride through the course is done on a different path.  In order to succeed, participants need to be skilled not only in driving, but also in coordination and quick adaptability. 

Drivers must navigate sets of cones illuminated in real-time.

These complexities make the fact that Hoult is only the second Jaguar ambassador to attempt the course – following Romain Grosjean’s drive in the Jaguar F1 – even more impressive. 

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Jaguar fans can also get in on the action through the Art of Performance Tour.  Here, they can not only test drive the newest releases, but can also take the Smart Cone Challenge in attempts to beat Nicholas and Romain’s scores of 42000 and 49032, respectively.  

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