London to NYC in just 11 minutes with new concept jet ©

London to NYC in just 11 minutes with new concept jet

The new Antipode aircraft concept could fly 12 times as fast as Concord.

by 01 February 2016

Forget suffering several hours in cramped conditions without decent WI-FI, a new concept hypersonic jet could in the future get you from London to New York City in just 11 minutes.

Designed by Charles Bombardier of Imagineactive the 'Antipode' would accommodate up to 10 passengers at speeds of up to 16,000 miles per hour, that's 12 times faster than Concorde.


The Antipode has been designed to improve Bombardier's other much hyped concept jet: the Skreemr. Unlike the Skreemr, the Antipode would be able to take off directly from any airfield by using reusable rocket boosters. Once up at 40,000 feet the boosters would be ejected and the aircraft's onboard computer would ignite its supersonic combustion ramjet engine and accelerate up to Mach 24. The aircraft would use counter flowing jets of air on its leading edges to decrease heat and the sonic shockwave.


Bombardier, in an interview with Forbes explained: “I wanted to create an aircraft concept capable of reaching its antipode – or diametrical opposite – as fast as possible,”. 

In terms of price tag, Bombadier said “The cost of producing the Antipode would be less than that of the Skreemr since it would be smaller and use existing technology. But it would still cost a lot more than any business jet on the market today.”