Xhibitionist, a 75-metre yacht Xhibitionist, a 75-metre yacht

Two boat designs currently making waves

The Frauscher 747 Mirage and the Xhibitionist are both inspired by racing car styling – on different scales.


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17 December 2014

The Xhibitionist (in the photos above and below) is – or will be, this is still a design on paper – a 75-metre giant designed by Eduard Gray who also works in the field of car design. This is reflected by the side view, which hides the trimaran hull construction that guarantees stability. Inside, the engines are housed behind glass, for easy maintenance and constant entertainment for people who like hi-tech machinery. At the stern, there is a massive beach club area for access to the water, and a fly deck with Jacuzzi. On the bows there are massive solar panels that also act as a helipad, or a concert stage, or whatever is needed. The design is in fact multi-purpose and could be used as a floating showroom, a floating venue for a concert, or many other things, facilitated by the gigantic, personalisable interiors.


The 747 Mirage by Frauscher (in the photo below) is already on the water and winning prizes. It won the Nautic Design Award 2014 for the Day Boat category and a special mention from the magazine Sports & Style. It was designed by Thomas Gerzer, head of Frauscher’s design development team, and the Austrian studio Kiska, who together redefined the luxury day boat concept and combined it with lines recalling racing cars. It is just a tenth the length of Xhibitionist, at 7.47 metres, and in the version with a 430 HP power plant, it can reach a speed of 56 km/h. Prices start at €124,000.