Formula 1 Opus Bernie Edition

The F1 Opus is a must-have for Formula One lovers.

by 19 November 2013

Making its appearance at the World Luxury Expo in Doha was the Official Formula 1 Opus Bernie Edition.

The collector’s piece is valued at $1,000,000 and was presented by luxury publisher Opus Media Group.

The Official Formula 1 Opus is very much a Formula One bible, measuring half a meter square, 852 pages long and weighing 37 kilograms.

A lot of the photographs in the book have never been seen before and they’re there because Bernie Ecclestone has given permission for them to be used.

It features everything from the history of the sport to exclusive interviews and stunning imagery.

The F1 Opus has been created in partnership with Asprey and comes with a pure silver plate on the cover featuring the iconic ‘Bernie‘ signature together with all 22 living Formula 1 Drivers’ Championship winners.