Maserati GranCabrio MC Maserati GranCabrio MC

Maserati GranCabrio MC - shouting on the wind

Hood down, volume up, the perfect sports driving experience


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13 November 2013

It was cold and wet, even though it was Italy in May, but the rain stopped and the sun came out. "Do you think we can put the hood down?" said my girlfriend, "or is it too cold out there?" I slowed to 30, pressed the button, and marvelled at the engineering that performed a geometric miracle with silent finesse. I turned up the heating and accelerated; Sonia's hand instinctively went up to her beloved baseball cap. "Don't worry," I said, "you can leave your hat on."

The road was straight and lonely, and even at speeds a long long way from legality, the air around us was still, our hair unruffled. We were warm and comfortable thanks to a miracle of aerodynamics, a bubble of air all our own, while just a metre above and on each side, there was a 200 km/h gale. And the same happens in high summer: the air-conditioning keeps you cool with the hood open, even when the air is at 40° C.

This is the GranCabrio MC, the Maserati that takes a generous amount of power, mixes it with fun, seasons it with style, giving you a new recipe for enjoyment on the road.

"Can I?" she said. "Exhibitionist," I replied, nodding. Her hand drifted across and she pressed the button marked 'Sport.' The effect is like turning up the stereo: you hear the full volume of the engine from those two mean-looking exhaust pipes behind.

"Nice," she said, "but I'd like some more music," as we approached a cluster of old brick houses around a church, a bar and a stop light. She slid in a CD and turned up the volume, the bass notes thumping our stomachs. The light turned green, and the Maser exploded into a surge of speed and sound, as Sonia bopped and boogied, hands in the air. "Yi-haaa!" she screamed while we sped away, as a couple of heads at tables outside the bar turned.

In a minute, we were out in the country again. "Look, up ahead," she said, "why not stop there?" A lonely lay-by. No problem. The pleasure of braking the GranCabrio – smooth, safe, powerful deceleration – is not far behind that of acceleration. I looked at her and raised an eyebrow.

"Move over, you old fool," she said, "it's my turn."

The Maserati GranCabrio MC brings the enduring dream of fun, carefree driving with the wind in your hair into the 21st century. Its massive power, control and comfort are harnessed by means of superb technology. Technology is a feature of all high-performance cars today, but Maserati's high-tech is different to Porsche or Mercedes. It's a warm technology, made friendly by the materials and the design, the Italian brilliance at styling that transforms a super-complex machine into alluring, user-friendly beauty. The GranCabrio MC is a masterpiece, from the elegant blue trident embroidered onto the natural leather headrest, to the amazing iridescent white bodywork colour that gleams electric blue when it catches the sunlight.

It's a car for your own Route 66, wherever it may be. A car that invites you to head out onto a curving ribbon of asphalt and enjoy the sensation of riding a 460-HP steed as close to nature as you can get. Knowing that wherever you are, heads will turn – with or without Sonia alongside you.