Luxos exclusive: the Over P001 dream car


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04 December 2009

In an exclusive article, Luxos present the incredible Over P001 GBF supercar unveiled at Valenza Gioielli 2009, the international showcase event for haute jewellery. The Over P001 GBF project is the brainchild of José Froilán González (alias the Pampas Bull), fondly remembered by Italians as a Formula 1 driver for Ferrari, winning the marque's first triumph at the British Grand Prix in 1951.

In this project, González worked around a thoroughbred powerplant - the engine of a Chevrolet Corvette, revisited by top-flight mechanics - in order to attain a dream that he had been nurturing for several years. The driver contacted the auto engineer Giotto Bizzarrini, the greatest expert in the field, famous test track manager and former Ferrari engineer, and asked him to build a brand new chassis capable of supporting this special engine and of harnessing its undisputed performance qualities to create a completely innovative prototype. This resulted in a sleek, streamlined design of sublime purity with no doors and a bodywork that “draws the wind”, as one racing expert put it.

The interiors are designed to comfortably hold two seats plus one, while the “historical” engine, the designer chassis, the car’s transparent floor, and the fittings par excellence give passengers the thrill of speed. In fact, many of the accessories and interior fittings are crafted from that most pure, noble, resistant and rare of metals: platinum, which has been used on the steering wheel, to cap the gearstick and for the star-shaped switches on the dashboard. Platinum has also been used on the exterior to create the logo on the car’s nose, the mascot, the petrol and oil caps and the wheel hub caps. But the real masterpiece is the exhaust system, whose pipes are linked internally with custom-designed non-polluting platinum catalytic converters. Emotionally compelling details thanks to platinum’s unsurpassed attributes, whose magnificence match the uniqueness of the car.

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