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06 July 2012

There is no denying that most people love to be near, in or on the water. This is something that hasn’t changed over the millennia. A coastal property or – as a crowning touch – an ocean-going yacht is a dream shared by many. Claudia and Albert Drettmann, a married entrepreneur couple, have made it their mission to fulfil the desire for an exclusive yacht that unites supreme comfort and utmost privacy.

Together, they grew from a small operator to a global player. The used boat business run by Traute and Dierck Drettmann quickly evolved into a family business of international standing. In 1989, their son Albert and his wife emerged from the wings to take over the company reins. The result is yachts that are not only functional objects of utility but also oases of wellness, tranquil havens, exclusive mobile homes and a lifelong dream that has become reality. Yachts evoke emotions, and thus Drettmann Yachts always puts the individual needs of clients at centre stage. “From engine performance to a kitchen fork” is how this special service is aptly described by Mrs. Drettmann.

A glance at the new lines reveals boundless comfort and luxury, an obsession with details, technical finesse and a premium quality standard that the Drettmann family has been vouching for since the 1970s

The Drettmann Explorer Yacht (DEY) is distinctly sports-oriented, ideally suited for extended cruises on the open sea, or for diving and jet-ski excursions. The yacht’s compact, masculine exterior, ranging from 27 to 45 metres, conceals a surprisingly spacious interior. There’s plenty of room for scuba diving gear or surfboards without having to forgo maximum comfort. Spectacular features turn the DEY into an iconic object: its spacious dining and lounge area has an integrated barbecue grill on the upper deck and offers a sweeping view of the sea. Particularly impressive is the large Beach Club located astern, which offers a bar, lounge, sauna and steam bath. A fitness area can be fitted on request. Three fold-out sundecks allow you to get really close to the water.

The new Drettmann Motor Yacht (DMY) is equally distinctive. Its elegant form gives it an artistic sculptural quality. Clever space partitioning leaves lots of room for exclusive interiors. Creating a design that is purist, refined and exciting, with well-balanced colour nuances, interior designer Claudia Drettmann undoubtedly invested a lot of thought, love and work in cooperation with Focus Yacht Design. The resulting experience of complete wellbeing is enhanced by a series of remarkable features. The main salon, for example, is open on three sides – deftly abolishing the separation between interior and exterior. And the Beach Club at the boat’s stern offers swim platforms that can be extended laterally for relaxing or a refreshing dip in the ocean.

Comprehensive after-sales-service leaves you in good hands. Drettmann Yachts alone offers customers a full 3-year warranty and guides customers with extensive knowledge, maximizing the performance of their investment. Visit their offices in Bremen for inspiration and competent advice. You may also want to check out their large selection of carefully sourced and thoroughly-inspected pre-owned yachts. Their first-class service also applies to brokerage yachts. Customer needs always come first at Drettmann Yachts. Transform your dream into reality and enjoy this summer in the lap of luxury. The privacy afforded by one’s own yacht is absolutely priceless.

Drettmann Yachts GmbH
Arberger Hafendamm 22, 28309 Bremen
Tel. +49 (0)421 566 070

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