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Nobody does it better - Sylt, St. Moritz, Mallorca and more. Custom-made In Cologne
by 03 July 2012

At Rolls Royce Cars Cologne, under the professional leadership of Michael Gleissner, everyone is well aware that the needs of a potential Rolls Royce customer are slightly different and may go far beyond unmistakable design, effortlessly sovereign mobility and the highest comfort possible. (In the photo below, Michael Gleissner).

Gleissner and his team have lined up a luxurious but relaxed get-together for friends and customers across the globe, a perfect match for an elegant, yet unpretentious lifestyle. International friendships as well as networking and support of its customer base are at the forefront of Rolls Royce Cologne’s business philosophy.

Several times each year, Rolls Royce Motor Cars Cologne celebrates the high art of magical seduction with bona fide “festivals for the senses.” These exclusive and prestigious events are designed to be occasions on which to savour pure beauty, overseen by the timeless gaze of Rolls Royce’s 'Flying Lady.'

The 2012 programme, with supervision by Rolls Royce Cologne, once again promises to be as extensive as it will be unique. Preparations are feverishly under way. Breathtaking backdrops, culinary delights, the guests’ common passion for exclusive automobiles and an unfettered zeal for luxury turn these events into spectacular and unforgettable experiences. These exceptional social functions create a fabulous atmosphere that is conducive to connecting seamlessly and, as an added benefit, to enhance social positioning.

The calibre of these events is no less impressive than the product itself: the uncompromising Rolls Royce. More than ever, a Rolls Royce unites aesthetics, quality and timelessness. The sum of its characteristics makes it singularly iconic – as peerless and individual as its owner. After all, the quality of a consumer product and the success of the consumer are invariably closely interlinked.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Cologne is an extraordinary meeting place for the business, society and cultural elite. It is, in fact, a kind of social club that is elegant, glamorous and cosmopolitan. It almost goes without saying that for those who attend, sooner or later the acquisition of one of these largely hand-manufactured automobiles is simply a matter of course. And consider, too, that the services offered by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Cologne don’t end at the city boundaries. Their in-house experts are ready to take on any kind of challenge, anywhere in Europe, and at any time. Vive Cologne!

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