Aston Martin, driving on ice Featured

An annual event in St. Moritz
by 14 February 2012

James Bond would have loved it, before enjoying a dry martini or his signature Vesper cocktail – with ice. He famously drove Aston Martins, like the models that will be used in the 4th annual winter driving experience Aston Martin ON ICE organized by the marque. It has attracted many customers to St. Moritz, where they will be able to savour the unique white turf sensations offered by ice driving.

This year, the event has achieved a new record number of now sold-out placements to an international customer base. More than 200 attendees representing all four corners of the world will come from 18 European countries, South Africa, USA and Canada, and as well for the first time also those travelling all the way from China. In particular, the guests from China are evidence of the British marque’s focus on that market having recently celebrated another opening of the 7th Aston Martin dealership with more following in 2012.

All customers will join in the onboard challenge which takes place over 10 days of high dynamic driving on the specially prepared ice field of St. Moritz/Samedan.

16 Aston Martins from the current model range will form a stunning line up on the icy field edge. Offering the ultimate drifting equipment will be the popular four-door Rapide, having recently won the Best Cars 2012 award in the Luxury Class in Switzerland, France, Norway, Slovakia and Germany (Import). Alongside will also be stunning examples of the DBS Carbon Edition, the Virage and V8 Vantage S, both new models launched in 2011, with the pedigree V8 Vantage and super sporty V12 Vantage there too.

Jeffrey L. Scott, Managing Director of Aston Martin Lagonda of Europe, commented at the event: “Every year Aston Martin has gone from strength to strength, so does this event. Our impressive model line-up continues to grow parallel to the sales potential in our markets such as Germany which saw a very strong growth in annual sales in 2011. Other territories such as Italy are reflecting the same trends. Events like these, where the beauty, agility and strength of our cars are highlighted in a magnificent setting really show what Aston Martin is all about and keeps us in touch with our customers.”

The exciting event Aston Martin On Ice in St. Moritz is part of a comprehensive driving programme for customers called the Aston Martin Big 5 Experiences. This year’s winter training kicks off the Big 5 European event series, followed by events in Silverstone (UK) on the 4th of April 2012, Nürburgring (Germany) on the 3rd of May, Boxberg (Germany) on the 15th of July and Spa (Belgium) on the 17th of September. Aston Martin owners can also further enhance their driving capabilities by attending the exclusive performance tuition offered by the Aston Martin Nürburgring Driving Academy.