Rolls Royce motor cars and the Spirit of Ecstasy Featured

The Ghost and the Drophead Phantom Coupé
by 03 May 2011

Spirit of Ecstasy
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is celebrating one hundred years of the Spirit of Ecstasy. It´s the famous flying lady mascot that inspires owners, enthusiasts and those working for the world’s pinnacle luxury brand. To mark a year of celebration, every Ghost and Phantom produced at the home of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in Goodwood will bear a Spirit of Ecstasy with the inscription Spirit of Ecstasy Centenary – 2011. This will be etched into the base of each statuette, in a specially selected font ITC Willow.

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“The Spirit of Ecstasy is perhaps the most famous automotive icon, gracefully adorning the prow of Rolls-Royce models past and present,” said Torsten Müller-Ötvös, CEO Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. “She was an inspiration for the founding fathers of our great company, as well as for owners and enthusiasts through the generations.” And today this inspiration still continues: for those who are fortunate enough to work for this unique brand, and for those who are driving a Rolls Royce – possibly the most desirable car in the world.

Some of them may have chosen the Rolls-Royce Ghost. In September 2009 its new edition was formally launched to the world. At the time Chief Designer, Ian Cameron, said, “The RR4 has a more informal presence than the Phantom models with a greater emphasis on driving. It is a true and uncompromising Rolls-Royce in every sense.” The new Rolls-Royce Ghost has received the prestigious “red dot: best of the best” award for the very highest level of design.

The Rolls Royce Ghost has a unique character expressed by an exclusive, unmistakable appearance whose design reinterprets the classic values of the brand in a modern style for the 21st century. Ghost’s flowing lines are dominated by its majestic ‘Yacht Line’ styling. Large, uninterrupted surfaces flow between finely sculpted horizontal lines that provide definition, highlighting the solid, luxurious and supreme character of the vehicle. The central principle is: delivering simplicity out of complexity. Everything is designed, engineered and crafted to enhance the drive and ride experience, not to complicate it.

Alan Sheppard, Interior Designer, pins it down as follows: “Ghost is designed to be an escape from the outside world. Nothing should distract from the pleasure of driving Ghost.”

The Ghost is powered by a brand new, 6.6 litre twin-turbo V12 engine. It produces 563 bhp – enough to propel the Rolls from 0-60 mph in just 4.7 seconds* and on to an electronically governed top speed of 155mph.

Ghost is a vision of simplicity – of taking the core values of Rolls-Royce and creating contemporary effortless luxury. Engine power is delivered in a manner which has become an engineering signature, seemingly effortlessly and endlessly. Ghost embodies 21st-century Rolls-Royce: more than 100 years of engineering and design excellence expressed in modern and uncompromised style.

The new Phantom Drophead Coupé
Four seasons in one car? Maybe too much for a common convertible, and nearly impossible for all other cars. Enjoying spring and summer weather in an open-top car is an experience not easily equalled by anything else for many drivers. In 2004, Rolls-Royce introduced its Experimental Car 100EX to mark its 100th anniversary. Right from the start, the Drophead Coupé was meant to be more than just a convertible version of the Phantom. "Simply removing the Phantom’s roof could have made a great convertible, but it wouldn’t have made a perfect one. This car gave us the chance to think about the very nature of convertible motoring," explains Chief Designer Ian Cameron.

This two-door, four-seater convertible combines the latest in lightweight engineering technology with the finest hand-crafted materials. It features several unique design options, like a stainless steel bonnet and teak decking – inspired by sailing yachts. Using the lightweight rigidity of an all-aluminium spaceframe, it marries modern technology to a sleek, streamlined convertible body. Power is supplied by a 6.75 litre naturally aspirated V12 engine.

Inside, the design emphasizes the airy openness of top-down motoring, embracing the elements and
creating a stunning, social environment. The simplicity of the design belies a car built to provide years of effortless service.
Luxos is enthralled after test driving. No matter which Rolls-Royce you decide on, it is always the right choice.

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