The ArtofKinetik boatbuilders craft Hedonist in mahogany Featured

Innovative design and traditional construction
by 22 March 2011

Hedonist is a 19-metre boat built in mahogany and ply. A traditional method of construction that has been used to create an extraordinarily original visual effect. At the 2010 Genoa Boat Show, Luxos spoke to Jasmina Corovic, communications officer at ArtofKinetik, the company based in Belgrade that designed and built the craft.
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Your boat looks incredible. Has it been used in films?
No, at least, not yet. Hedonist has only recently been completed, it was shown at Cannes in September, and now here in Genoa. Of course it would look great in a James Bond movie, but it's hard to compete with brands like Sunseeker.

The concept looks revolutionary. Who designed the yacht?
Actually it was created by a team, our own internal design team, with the objective of creating something new in the luxury motor yacht sector. Its originality can possibly be ascribed to the fact that the design team have an industrial, rather than a specialist maritime, background. This enabled them to take a totally fresh approach to the task in hand. Hedonist is a 63-foot yacht, but it offers spacious interiors that would generally be seen only in far larger craft. It has a super yacht feel and finish, with the objective of creating a home-like interior. The concept is different because it was conceived for use as a dayboat. This reflects changing lifestyles, at sea just as on land. In fact, many boat-owners use their boat during the day and return to their apartment in the resort for the night, and so Hedonist has a crew cabin, but no master or guest accommodation.

Timber construction must mean extra weight, and what about performance?
Our shipyard is committed to timber hull construction, for several reasons. Firstly, a timber boat, if well maintained, will last for a hundred years or more. It becomes a yacht that you can hand down to children and grandchildren. A plastic boat has a lifespan of about twenty-five years. Secondly, a timber boat rides the sea amazingly well. It cuts through the waves and provides a smooth ride. Timber is a natural material that absorbs vibrations, and this makes powering through the water an exhilarating experience. The solidity of the yacht can be gauged from the displacement at full load, 32.5 tonnes. The three 800 bhp Man R6-800 engines, with three Rolls Royce Kamewa waterjets, give it a top speed of 40 knots. The Kevlar layer under the waterline gives the boat excellent impact protection.

The lounge below looks amazingly sophisticated.
We dedicated attention to even the smallest details. The plate service was specially made, with a silver finish. The shower is clad throughout with stone. The general idea was to create an interior with a warm, domestic, yet intriguing feel, entirely bespoke.

The bespoke concept is visible above all on the deck. These seats behind the command post...
The seats alone took six months to make. Other interesting features include the windscreen, which is in fact the largest piece of glass in the marine industry. The machinery at the bows is entirely bespoke, and a panel rises to reveal the stainless steel anchor. A nice touch can be seen towards the stern: under a hydraulically-operated cover, the tender is stored. The tender is a scaled-down version of Hedonist, 3.5 m long, powered by water jet engines.

So this is the first Hedonist that you have built?
Yes, that's right, this is hull number 1. Our company has been in existence for just three and a half years, we have 30 people in Belgrade, and 20 for interiors in Germany.

And so if I order the second Hedonist?
Fine, we'll get it to you in ten-twelve months.

And what about the price?
About two and a half million euros.

Great... is a cheque OK?

Some technical details of Hedonist:
Length overall: 19 metres
Beam overall: 5.28 metres
Accommodation: 2+3
Max persons on board: 12
Engines: 3 x 800 HP MAN R6-800, with 3 Rolls Royce Kamewa waterjects
Fuel. 3,500 litres (2 x 1,750 litres)
Top speed: 40 knots
Cruising speed: 33 knots
Fuel consumption at top speed: 430 litres/hour
Fuel consumption at cruising speed: 330 litres/hour
Range at top speed: 320 nautical miles
Range at cruising speed: 370 nautical miles
Price: 2.5 million euro approx