JetLev-Flyer - when sailing is actually flying Featured

An innovative jet-pack for use on the water
by 01 March 2011

One of the newest and most original concepts seen at the Dubai Boat Show, the JetLev-Flyer, is a craft that you don't actually sail, but you fly! The JetLev is basically a jet pack in which the propellant is water, delivered from a separate, pilotless boat towed behind the pilot who is strapped into a harness that culminates in two downward-facing water nozzles. The two control handles allow the pilot to fly forwards, backwards, and turn as desired, with a maximum altitude of about ten metres determined by the connecting water supply hose, and a system that was optimized for safety. Depending on pilot weight, the JetLev-Flyer can reach an altitude of ten metres, and top speeds of 35 km/h, with a cruising duration of from one to two hours. For special applications, the unit can be modified for higher altitudes (all that is required in this case is a longer hose), and even for underwater travel. The JetLev is available from Pearl Watercrafts LLC in Dubai. More information from