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Whether it's a Jaguar or Ferrari, Comco's expertise and personalised service enables you to drive the vintage car of your dreams
by 22 October 2010

Classic and vintage cars are truly fascinating objects, and not for collectors alone. Be it a sassy red roadster, or an elegant luxury car, a well-maintained classic car possesses the power to seduce and light up emotions. These timeless examples of automotive history are also milestones in design. Their survival over the decades has given us the chance to appreciate their innovative spirit and their enduring fascination. Driving one of these classics takes you back in time, and you can savour a certain joie de vivre, living the respective epoch in true style.

How about a Jaguar? This quintessential British luxury brand has been designing dynamic and attractive cars since 1935. For decades, Jaguars with the famous “leaping cat” ornament on their hood have been combining sensual shapes with state-of-the-art technology, offering drivers a luxurious and sporty experience. The many iconic designs that appeared throughout Jaguar’s history, such as the XK120 or the E-Type, have left an indelible mark on the automobile industry.

If you have found your desired classic car, COMCO is there to look after you and provide all the advice that you need. The company will answer all your questions about leasing or hire-purchasing an automotive treasure. Passion and a sound knowledge of all things vehicle-related, along with business acumen and leasing expertise, have earned COMCO an excellent reputation.

Beyond mere transport
Leasing is a great option which allows you to drive a vintage car without having to own it or worry about taxes. By means of its expertise in the field of classic car leasing, COMCO can give the customer an excellent and comprehensive service, ensuring a wide range of original and interesting vehicles from which to choose. The company’s motif is, understandably, “See mobility with new eyes.”

No matter which of the automotive treasures you choose – a classic 1961 E-Type, which many automotive historians still consider to be one of the most exciting sports cars of all times; or a brand new sports car – with COMCO you will be able to stay mobile and drive with passion.

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