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Luxury car manufacturers and watch maisons are creating an exciting world together
by 20 October 2010

Cars and watches may seem to be two completely different sectors, but they are both favourite toys for the boys, perhaps because they are the quintessence of technology and mechanical engineering. The relationship between cars and watches runs back to the 1980s, when watch houses manufactured accessory collections commissioned by car brands. By the 1990s, the watch industry had grown dramatically, and watch brands began to play a more important role. Instead of being something extra for car brands, watch manufacturers have developed specifically-designed timepieces that actually incorporate some of the cars’ design ideas.

In this way, the two fields are in a form of symbiotic relationship, providing a dynamic, sophisticated experience for the owner of a car and the respective watch. For example, the AMVOX2 Rapide Transponder launched by Jaeger-LeCoultre is a chronograph created in cooperation with Aston Martin, after 18 months of painstaking research. Along with the usual time-keeping functions, the watch locks and unlocks the car doors by means of a transponder. Aspects of Aston Martin's technology are thus incorporated into the fine art of watchmaking.

The increasing cooperation between watch and car brands is leading to further improvements in product design. There is no doubt that exciting products will continue to be launched on the market, in response to the never-ending fascination for new technology and gadgets, above all amongst male clients.

Tudor and Porsche worked in cooperation to create the Grantour Chronograph. The watch brand is, in fact, Porsche Motorsport’s Timing Partner. Its unique specifications include a self-winding mechanical movement, a 41 mm diameter steel case, and water resistance of up to 100 metres. The black leather strap with micro-perforations makes it very comfortable to wear.

Jaeger-LeCoultre worked with Aston Martin to create the Calibre 751E, with a 65-hour power reserve. The chronograph case is made of 18K pink gold and titanium. Applying simultaneous pressure to the open and close contact zones enables the user to synchronize the watch with the car’s signal so that the miniaturized transponder can be activated.

Tag Heuer’s love affair with the racing world goes back to 1970, when Steve McQeen wore the Tag Heuer Monaco Chronograph while driving a Porsche 917K in the film “Le Mans.” The timepiece became an icon. The movie’s remake, “The Duel,” pits Lewis Hamilton and McQueen against each other in a virtual race using special effects. Today, you can take part in the excitement with the limited edition Monaco Vintage Chronograph, which celebrates Tag Heuer’s 150th anniversary and its role as official partner of Le Mans 24 Hour Race.

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