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Cessna takes the world's best selling business jet and makes it even better
by 27 May 2010

Building on their winning record, Cessna have upgraded their phenomenally successful mid-size business jet, presenting the Citation XLS Plus, the latest and most desirable choice for private aviation. Partnering with industry leaders, Cessna have been able to deliver additional perks including faster, more efficient engines, top of the line avionics and an upgraded cockpit. All of which translates as a better flying experience for the passenger.

Interiors have been taken to the next level, with a passenger area of 5.79 metres providing ample space to stretch your legs, unwind or work in complete comfort. Among your benefits are wider seats and a redesigned bathroom that’s capacious enough to double as a dressing area. The aircraft itself has also undergone some refinement, emerging with a shapelier nose, which affords the XLS Plus the exterior elegance to reflect both the interiors and cutting-edge technology.

A top speed of 815 km per hour and typical cruise speed of 430 knots means this jet can speedily transport up to nine passengers to a range of destinations, clearly an advantage for the time-poor cash-rich executive. And where other similar aircraft impose a luggage weight restriction, the XLS Plus actually asks you to pack indulgently to fill their enormous external baggage compartment.

As a nod to the evolution of private travel, this jet presents a lower cost to the environment. All Citation jets are part of Green Trak, a flight-planning programme created by Cessna that allows pilots to optimise flights for time, speed and fuel efficiency, all of which reduces emissions. In fact, the company’s dedication to solving environmental issues has recently earned its CEO the 2010 Lindbergh Award for his contributions to Lindbergh’s concept of balancing technology and nature.

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