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Meet the Emivest Aerospace SJ30, the private jet that will fly you farther
by 02 April 2010

Looking to a brighter future, the private aviation industry continues to thrust ahead. They have seen all this happen before of course, the economic cycle momentarily affecting their vast fortunes. And while there have been a few minor casualties, they seem to have faith in the inevitable upswing, developing new craft to meet the changing market.

With the same ethos, the new Emivest Aerospace SJ30 has developed a luxury plane that can deliver economical long-haul travel, a solid reason to trade up from continuous commercial flights or a conventional light business jet.

When it was launched in the Middle East at the end of 2009, it was flown in by Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman, all the way from his home in Los Angeles to an airport in Dubai.

State of the art technology has meant that aside from the high altitude comfort, performance and economy delivered by the cutting edge design, the SJ30 offers a maximum cruising speed of 0.83 mach with a range of 2500nm, more than any other aircraft in its class.

With such long-haul capability comes the threat of jet-lag, in this case completely banished by a unique cabin-pressurisation system which means that passengers and crew can enjoy sea level comfort at 41,000 feet. The result being you arrive at your destination feeling more refreshed and ready for business.

Designer Ed Swearingen drew his inspiration, technology and style from fighter aircraft and heavy jet technology and adopted them into a fast and light format. The design has given the craft the ability to reach higher cruise altitudes, meaning less fuel is burned, making this the greenest and most economical in its class. With the lowest operating costs per mile, the Emivest SJ30 will not only open up your business travel options but all that at the lowest operating costs per mile.

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