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Luxuriously renovated jets and fast delivery times
by 15 December 2009

While billionaire oligarchs languish in splendour awaiting the arrival of their custom-designed A380s, many wealthy but time-poor executives are turning to an alternate idea in private aviation, Project Phoenix.

Launched at Dubai’s airshow in 2007, when business aviation was at the height of its boom, Project Phoenix professed to offer more affordable private craft in a comparatively quick delivery time. With business class seats at a scarcity and fuel prices soaring, there seemed no better time to go private.

Two years down the line, and it seems that their brand of luxuriously recycled jets are exactly what the market ordered. The company snap up good quality second-hand Bombadier CRJ-200 planes, and treat them to a complete refit and renovation that includes the latest systems and beautifully tailored interiors. Frequent long-haulers are coveting the option of extra fuel tanks, which add miles to your journey, as well as the latest in noise insulation which treats passengers to a quieter ride. All of this delivered to you in only 12 months.

Back at the 2009 Dubai Air Show and a prize plane secured to showcase the company's uniquely successful premise is on a tight schedule. With its owner making full and frequent use of its time and money saving benefits, as well as the comfort of being at home in the sky, it could only pay the emirates a flying visit.

Project Phoenix
Tel. +971 (0)4 324 3327

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