Spirited Ghost: a lively Rolls Royce Featured

The Rolls Royce Ghost presented at the 10th Dubai International Motor Show
by 15 December 2009

As major car manufacturers prepare to launch new, hybrid and concept cars to the lucrative Middle East market at the 10th Dubai International Motor Show, one of the world’s most iconic brands will be revealing its most revolutionary design to date.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost was first unveiled in Frankfurt in September ’09. The company’s most hotly anticipated production model had been rumoured in Paris nearly three years ago when it was codenamed the RR4. Sketches were tentatively released in 2008, showing the new model to be smaller than the Phantom and freer in style; a contemporary version of the classic and much loved Rolls-Royce.

This Ghost is unique – a new 6.6 litre V12 delivers 563 bhp and glides along on a smart air suspension system that is so seamless you feel as though you’re floating above ground – bearing justice to its name. The heritage cues stem from the spirit of the 1930’s and the golden age of the motorcar.

Rolls-Royce’s intention for this calm, new frontrunner is to broaden the brand’s appeal. And with a price tag between 200,000 and 300,000 Euros, this is sure to bring this elite dream a little closer to its adoring masses. Those in tune with the Rolls Royce lifestyle will instantly recognize the powerful ‘yacht lines’ which finely sculpt the body into a powerful profile. Haunches are poised for flight and the optional chrome exhausts add that extra hint of danger.

While engineering enhances the drive, clever design ensures the hidden technology whirs away silently so as stir, rather than spoil the senses. Interior Designer Charles Coldham puts it succinctly as if to replicate the language of the car: “Ghost is as refined and cosseting as anything this marque has ever produced”.

Traditional craftsmanship harks back to a more romantic era with frosted lamps, chrome door handles, violin key switches and eyeball air vents. You can even choose to have your shag-pile floor topped with lambswool mats that long for you to kick off your shoes and drive barefoot. Rear-hinged coach doors close at the push of a button and a panorama sunroof that extends for the full length of the roof gives you as much Dubai sunshine in your car as you desire.

Despite this, inside you are made to feel as far away from the outside world as possible. Optional, individual lounge seating has a massage function and perforated leather covers to keep you cool and relaxed. If that wasn’t enough, an integrated cool box with champagne glasses can be added to make that ride even smoother. Like many in its class, interior-matched veneered picnic tables give you space to work and snack on long chauffeured journeys.

And no smooth ride would be complete without a sonic soundscape, in this case provided by 600 watts, through 16 speakers and two floor-mounted subwoofers. So you can get your motor well and truly running. Not that you’ll need any distraction from the camber of Dubai’s rocky roads. The Ghost’s air suspension system is so intelligent it can detect and correct even the smallest flux. That’s even down to the movement of a passenger inside the car, picked up by multiple sensors located around the interior.

Handling is more than merely deft – cool as a cucumber sandwich in any condition and any surface; with the help of traction, stability and brake controls that work together via an integrated Chassis Management system. And while that may all sound terribly complicated to the wealthy dowager who’s buying for status rather than performance, you are hardly likely to notice anything apart from the complete and utter enjoyment of the drive.

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