The Silvestris Sports Cabriolet luxury speedboat Featured

A sleek new vessel, the one to watch this autumn
by 21 October 2009

The Silvestris Sports Cabriolet is unique. Crafted by Silvestris Aquamotive, it is an equal marriage of performance and comfort with no compromise on style. Leon Vergunst, director of Silvestris Aquamotive BV calls the 23’ speedboat a “one-off piece of art.” The patented, ultra-rigid aluminium skin of the hull is bonded and riveted to a tubular space frame. It is cutting-edge engineering that delivers the strongest and most durable vessel in its class.

If you love innovation and gadgets, then some of the Silvestris 23SC’s features are an absolute joy. The deck houses two rows of seats which are cleverly stored under a remote-controlled hatch. When opened, this transforms the boat into a ‘roadster’ or can be instantly sealed to protect the soft, full-leather interior from inclement weather.

Silvestris Aquamotive was co-founded by the same Dutch designer, Maarten de Bruijn, who stood at the basis of rebirth of the Dutch sports car company, Spyker, in 2005. (Spyker has been producing race cars since 1900.) With so much expertise at their disposal, when De Bruijn and two former Spyker companions left the car company in 2005, they wanted to employ their winning automotive technology in a marine environment, and there are many clues in this latest model that point to the manufacturer’s heritage.

Silvestris gives buyers the option to choose their engine; a Volvo 5.7 V8 petrol, a Volkswagen 3.0 V6 Diesel or the most hefty being a 600bhp 8.2 litre V8 engine petrol engine from Mercury Racing, giving it a top speed of 65 knots (120 km/h)! This “Blower” version is naturally the most expensive at just over US$400,000 and includes colour customisation of the leather interior and the metallic hull. Of course you can opt for added extras to make the boat your own, which will be reflected in the final price.

Calling themselves the “Haute Motive Company”, Silvestris’ sleek, chic speedboat wouldn’t look out of place moored in exclusive marinas, and is perfect for cruising coastal waters. With a delivery time of at least five months and a Spain dealer in the near future, it is best to place your order directly with the manufacturer for now.

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