The Aston Martin Rapide, fast and fabulous Featured

Dubbed the ‘long distance runner', the handsome new luxury sports car is in it to win.
by 14 October 2009

The spate of new, luxury four-door sports cars continues apace with the launch of the rather beautiful Aston Martin Rapide. It’s a welcome development for those of us with families, who are not quite ready to trade our two-seater for an SUV.

The Rapide has all the pristine elegance of a high-powered sports car, with the added space required to accommodate friends, children and luggage. While I don’t mean to suggest you can pack your life into the Rapide and speed off to Oman for a fortnight’s luxury camping, you can integrate this lithe beauty into your daily routine.

Evolved around Aston Martin’s unique aluminium architecture, the car retains the same fluid proportions as the DBS or DB9. Signature design queues both inside and out whisper to the initiated that this is unmistakably a pure-bred Aston. While features such as the swan-wing doors (gull-wings are clearly not refined enough for this brand) mark it out from its peers. Powered by a handbuilt 6-litre V-12 that kicks out 470bhp, the Rapide has a Touchtronic gearbox to control the rear wheels, making road-handling dynamic and responsive.

Built in a new facility in Graz, Austria, the Rapide is the first Aston Martin not to be built in the UK. Does that hurt its sporting credentials? Clearly not. After all, we are living in a global community, that just begs to be discovered with the whole family in tow, in your Aston Martin Rapide.

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