Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster, Porsche 911 Carrera: sex on wheels Featured

The ultimate boy toys are no longer for men only.
by 02 July 2009

Cars have always been regarded as the ultimate boy toy. But this is quickly changing, as more and more women are buying powercars for themselves. Luxury brands have taken notice and have been quick to market specific models for women, like the Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster whose selling point is now “a man’s car designed for women”.

So the question is: are there cars for men and cars for women?

Can we tell what gender will take a liking to a car just by looking at it? Take the Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster, the convertible version of the highly-acclaimed Aston Vantage. No doubt one of the world’s most beautiful cars, elegant yet with a controlled aggression; nimble but with a purposeful stance; modern yet a work of craftsmanship, and above all, instantly recognisable as an Aston Martin. But is it instantly recognisable as a woman’s car?
Another classic, Porsche, who has recently introduced a new 911 Carrera. To many, the 911 represents the ultimate sports car. A car that has evolved since its first introduction in 1964 to the present, but remaining true to the original purity in design and rear-engine concept. 44 years of evolution have made the best just a bit better each year, while following two basic guiding principles at Porsche: “Form follows function,” and “evolution, not revolution.”

So, which car is for men and which one is for women? The right question should be how do you want to configure your Porsche or Aston to match your lifestyle. Both companies can tailormake your car to your requirements down to the finest detail to create something as unique and special as its driver, no matter what the gender. So instead of talking about a specific model for a specific sex, should it not be us, who define the car based on how we drive it and of course on how we personalize it?

Will you choose one of the standard exterior colours offered, or will you ask Porsche or Aston to paint your car to match the colour of your favourite nail varnish or tie? Will you go for a harder sportier suspension setting or a more comfortable ride? Do you want personalized sill plaques by the doors?

Yes, you like leather, but where, in which colour, and what about the leather stitching? Not a fan of leather and looking for carbon fiber, wood or an aluminiumlook? Thanks to Porsche’s Exclusive service, all this is possible.

But not all enhancements are purely visual. At Porsche, you can add a power kit to your already more than powerful engine or perhaps ceramic brakes for those hot days at the track.


The options are endless and are not limited to the usual accessories that most car manufacturers have as optional equipment. When it comes to Porsche or Aston, we are talking true customisation based on the owners’ desires.

After all, these cars are more than just cars. In an era where luxury is defined by our ability to personalise every aspect of life, it’s time to get creative. So buckle up and drive on, and leave your gender issues at the door.
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