The Zonda R Pagani, dreamcar with ultimate performance Featured

An extreme car created for the racetrack but with all the comforts of the Zonda roadsters.
by 01 July 2009

An extreme supercar that gives the ultimate in track performance but has the quality and finishings typical of the Zonda Pagani roadsters. This is the Zonda R, born with full liberty from the mind of Horacio Pagani to respond to the needs of clients who love the racetrack but have no interest in competitive racing. The car’s overall length has grown by 394mm compared with the earlier model, the wheelbase has added on 47mm and the track boasts an extra 50mm, while the bodywork is completely new, lower and more aerodynamic.

The Zonda R is 90% worth of brand new components: the new suspension is forged in Avional, it has been given a new Pagani six speed transversal sequential gearbox, the monocoque has been designed to meet the highest safety standards and the car boasts an aeronautical four-pump fuel tank. “The crucial part was getting Mercedes-AMG’s support to craft a high-revving – more than 8000rpm - engine with a power output of at least 750hp, dry sump, light and with a low centre of gravity”, explained Horacio Pagani. “The basis was the self-supporting 12cc engine of the mighty CLK GTR, which has dominated the GT championships.

So, when I asked Mercedes if this engine could cover more than 5000km at constant racing pace before servicing, it accepted the challenge without hesitation.” The engine is a load-bearing component and the car features Bosch electronics, slick tyres, Digitek instrumentation and telemetry. The aerodynamics have been studied to offer maximum downforce, while the bespoke interior offers maximum comfort as called for by Pagani tradition. A dream car that will relieve you of a mere €1,200,000 euro.

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