The Porsche luxury saloon Panamera Featured

In a class of its own for power, space and design
by 03 June 2009

This spring, Porsche will make automotive history by releasing their first ever fourdoor grand touring sports car, the Panamera.
Unequivocally Porsche in its design and dynamics, this shining bullet packs no less of a punch than the classic 911. It does, however, capture a whole new set of admirers, drawn to the generous proportions and driving comfort usually associated with a Gran Turismo.

Fourth in the model series, it is the widest and longest in its class, but benefits from a distinctive silhouette. Reinterpreting the classical saloon body with the kick of a coupe and a variable space concept, Porsche have created something unique, mediated with the familiar styling cues of the 911 or the Cayenne. Instead of a conventional radiator grille there are contoured air intakes. Bold wheel arches and the sweeping front end are reminiscent of the classic 911, while details like the visible tailpipes mark this out as a thoroughbred Porsche.

Slip behind the wheel and you will feel like a pilot commanding an A380. Interior space is a premium. Everything inside the car has been orchestrated to put you in charge. With no less power under the hood than others in its class you won’t be struggling to control this beast, as this mighty Porsche comes ready tamed.

All four seats are ergonomically designed with plenty of room for four sets of luggage. This is a performance car as comfortable on a school-run as tearing down the Hatta Road on a weekend jaunt. The V-engines come with either six or eight cylinders, which are turbocharged and boosted by direct fuel injection for maximum power and efficiency, as well as the sporting rear-wheel drive. The top of the range model has all-wheel drive, which is also available as an option on lower models.

As a sign of changing times and reflecting several high profile car launches in 2009, there is a surge in demand for more energy-efficient models from high-end consumers. Later this year, Porsche are planning to launch a hybrid Panamera, which will be more fuel efficient and kinder to the environment. After a sizzling world debut this spring, the eco-friendly car will be making its way to dealers in the late summer.

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