CRS - Flying the Italian colours on the road


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30 July 2012

This superbly chunky custom-built motorbike is the Duu by Milanese constructor CRS. A massive two-litre motorbike that can be ordered with extensive personalization, because it is built by hand. The naked-techno-custom bike is powered by the X-Wedge 1916 cc engine built by U.S. company S&S, with a frame and design that enables the rider to enjoy the twisting, turning roads of Europe.

The examples shown in these photos demonstrate how the visual character of the bike can change. The title photo is the 'Tricolore,' which represents a tribute to Italy's efforts in the London Olympics. (Detail shot below)

The Britten Tribute is in blue and fuchsia, with the four stars of the New Zealand flag, a tribute to John Britten and his superbikes.

The Dorada (below) has a gold-finish frame, while the rest of the motorcycle is in matt black. A reference to 1970s racing bikes.

The Schiattamuort III was dedicated by a Neapolitan customer, Rocco, to his deceased uncle, who ran a funeral parlour. The name of this bike is therefore 'Gravedigger act III,' a typically Neapolitan way of bringing good luck to the bike!

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