Dubai Marina Yacht Club and the YOTS Sports Lounge


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13 March 2012

The all-new and trendy YOTS sports lounge at Dubai Marina Yacht Club opened in March 2012. With a large screen broadcasting all major sporting events, and multiple plasma screen TVs, guests can catch up on the latest sports programmes while enjoying a great mixture of snacks and beverages in the company of yachtsmen, captains and friends.
With a football table on hand and an invigorating yet laid back atmosphere, residents of Dubai Marina as well as the city’s sports fanatics can indulge in a relaxed outing at YOTS Sports Lounge. The al fresco seating arrangement with views overlooking the Marina adds to the appeal of the setting as an ideal getaway.
Since its opening, Dubai Marina Yacht Club has built a strong and active membership base as well as impressive visitor yacht arrivals. YOTS offers an additional choice in an unrivalled setting providing a refreshingly different lifestyle experience.
YOTS is open from 5pm until midnight on weekdays and from 12pm to midnight on weekends.

Dubai Marina Yacht Club, Street H, District 4, Post Office Box 214019, Dubai
Tel. +971 4 362 7900