Maserati opens a new showroom in Marbella


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11 July 2011

The 316 square metre space provides a prestige setting for Maserati's cars, highlighting at this time the GranTurismo MC Stradale, and of course the GranCabrio Sport, recently presented on Lake Garda. At the Marbella showroom, there is also a photographic exhibition on the company and the people connected to it.
The Marbella showroom comes just a couple of weeks after the new showroom in Madrid.

Marbella address:
C. de Salamanca S.A. 61819, Crta de Cadiz, km 171, 29670 S. Pedro de Alcantara, tel. +34 95 2785 250.

Madrid dealers:
Santogal Automoviles S.L.U. 69820
Avda. De Burgos 114, 28050 Madrid,
Phone: +34 91 1295 005

Tayre 69899
Calle de Lopez de Hoyos 62, 28002 Madrid,
Phone: +34 91 4577 634

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