Paspaley Flagship Boutique at 1881 Heritage

by 04 June 2010

Paspaley, the world’s leading South Sea pearl producer with a heritage of 75 years in the South Sea pearling industry and over 20 years as a pearl jewellery retailer, opened its Hong Kong flagship boutique at 1881 Heritage in May 2010. To inaugurate the opening, Paspaley showcased its dedication to the pursuit of beauty and the finest quality pearls by presenting for display a selection of pearls from its “Significant and Fine Pearls Collection” from May 12.

1881 Heritage is a beautifully conserved building, formerly the 120-year old Marine Police headquarters, located in Hong Kong’s prime luxury retail precinct. The marine heritage of the revitalised site is one of the fitting synergies that reflect the relationship Paspaley has with the ocean, while its historic grandeur and magnificent appearance is a perfect embodiment of the Paspaley South Sea pearl – beautiful, alluring and luxurious.

Celebrated for their incomparable lustre, orient and size, Paspaley South Sea pearls are much sought after by pearl connoisseurs, including the world’s leading jewellery houses and designers. The exceptional quality of Paspaley South Sea pearls has made the name internationally synonymous with the finest and most beautiful pearls in the world and its boutiques a destination for fine jewellery lovers world wide.

The new store was officially opened in a ribbon cutting ceremony by Nicholas Paspaley AC, Paspaley Executive Chairman, and fellow directors and family members Roslynne Bracher AM, Marilynne Paspaley AM and Clare Paspaley. Historical, rare and exceptional pearls from the Paspaley private collections – including the Kuri Bay pearls, the Unique Pearls Collection and The Paspaley Pearl – flown specially to Hong Kong for the launch were featured as part of the “Significant and Fine Pearls Collection” on display in the 1881 Heritage boutique until the end of June. This rare collection of some of the world’s finest pearls exemplifies the Paspaley commitment and dedication to innovation and investment in the pursuit of natural beauty.

· The Unique Pearls Collection: Occasionally, during harvest, there are pearls that stand out as particularly special – whether for their incredible lustre or exquisite colour or shape. Such special pearls are highly treasured by Paspaley and when found, are added to the Unique Pearls Collection. Each pearl in the Collection represents the finest example of its particular type.

· The Kuri Bay Collection: The historic Kuri Bay Pearls collection is named for Australia’s first South Sea pearl farm – Kuri Bay. This collection of pearls was harvested from the original Kuri Bay pearl farm in the mid 1950s and is the master set that was used to create the standards by which all cultured South Sea pearls worldwide were eventually valued.

· The Paspaley Pearl: One of the most extraordinary South Sea pearls in the world, the Paspaley Pearl is possibly the largest and finest perfectly round gem-quality pearl ever harvested and has been displayed alongside the Hope Diamond at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington.

For this very special occasion, the Paspaley family hosted a lavish private dinner for prominent Hong Kong families and business leaders at 1881 Heritage with a 4-course French menu specially designed by Michelin Star Chef Philippe Orrico. The private dining room was exquisitely transformed by Paspaley into a candlelit enchanted oasis with natural linens and bespoke coral and floral table sculptures, and of course a showcase of exclusive one-of-a-kind Paspaley couture jewellery creations - all of which were enjoyed to the sounds of a classical guitarist who accompanied the dinner and set the scene for what was one of the ‘must attend’ events of the month.

Paspaley is an established luxury retailer with its own jewellery atelier based in Australia. Created by the world’s foremost craftsmen, Paspaley fine jewellery combines the highest quality materials and craftsmanship with the most exquisite Paspaley South Sea pearls. Paspaley collaborates annually with a selection of the world’s pre-eminent designers to create exceptional one-of-a-kind fine jewellery pieces and couture collections that celebrate the unique qualities and natural beauty of each pearl.

Paspaley South Sea pearl jewellery collections may be viewed alongside the collection of “Significant and Fine Pearls” from May 2010 at the Paspaley 1881 Heritage flagship boutique.

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