What You Need To Know About Imperial Emerald Featured

The Merchant of Venice unveils a new sensorial creation for its Murano Exclusive collection.

by Sara Kaufman 05 July 2019

After having travelled all the way to the Far East, following the ancient maritime trade routes of the mude and telling spicy, fragrant and alcoholic tales of forgotten lands, the Italian artistic high-end perfumery of The Merchant of Venice continues its olfactory journey, this time with a new jewel for its Murano Exclusive collection. This collection embodies the blend of magnificent Venetian craftsmanship and refined fragrances, bottling the true essence of Venice inside exquisitely decorated bottles.

The story

Six eau de parfum concentrées – each with its own distinctive personality, floral and oriental heart notes, and a high percentage of essential oils generating a long-lasting sillage – packaged in magnificent collectable bottles inspired by the Murano glass tradition. Today a seventh one joins the family: ‘Imperial Emerald’, a seductive fragrance inspired by the beauty and majesty of the peacock. The dazzling display of the bird’s fan-like tail has inspired myths and legends, enchanting and confusing humans throughout the ages. Both in Eastern and Western culture the peacock symbolises all things sublime: beauty, longevity, love, luxury and pride. Today the blue and green pattern on its tail inspire The Merchant’s latest creation: timeless elegance, mystery and magic – bright eyes glowing in the dark, the alluring rustle of a brocade dress in the candle-lit corridors of an old Venetian palace…

TMOV EDP ImperialEmerald 100ml

The fragrance

The vibrant and joyful top notes – bergamot, mandarin, pink pepper and iris – gradually transform into an opulent and sensual heart featuring two noble absolutes – rose and lily, feminine tuberose and, sweet orange flowers and ylang ylang. The dry-down is musky – white amber, precious benzoin, white musk, patchouli and vanilla – the unforgettable warm embrace of a woman.

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The body

The bottle of ‘Imperial Emerald’ depicts the eyes of the peacock’s tail – mesmerising shades of dark blue, turquoise, emerald green, brown and yellow. The depiction also recalls the characteristic Murrine glass, with coloured patterns and images made in a glass cane cut into thin cross-sections – created by Venetian glassmakers on the island of Murano since the early 16th century.


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