Chasing The Rose With The Merchant of Venice Featured

The Merchant of Venice calls the attention of all esthetes looking for the latest fragrance to add to their perfume collection.

by Angelina Hazzouri 01 April 2019


Some may call it an ambitious project - it probably is - but The Merchant of Venice has a reputation for going beyond what is considered to be conventional. The brand’s goal is in fact to bring a natural culmination of sensorial experiences, with precious scents collected throughout the world and locked inside of sleek perfume bottles.

The Merchant of Venice's latest project is Rosa Moceniga, encompassing the culture and history of a sophisticated flower that has an ancient heritage related to the Venetian perfumery tradition. The Mocenigo rose is native to China and is a rare and precious flower; though it has Chinese roots, its name derives from an ancient Venetian family, Mocenigo. A rose originally imported from France, the flower has its own dedicated garden in Venice that the historic residence of the Mocenigo family has been safeguarding for over 200 years.

Another interesting component of this new and exciting project is its relationship with the family lineage. Andrea di Robilant, great-great-great-great grandson of Lucia Mocenigo, re-discovered this rose in a park on the old farming estate, now Villa Mocenigo in Alvisopoli, and he decided to publish a book Chasing the Rose, narrating the discovery of this precious flower.


ROSA MOCENIGA 100mlAstuccio


The Merchant of Venice and Andrea di Robilant joined forces to create this new fragrance that describes the essence of this mysterious rose. Rosa Moceniga is a strong and fruity perfume of a characteristic pink colour with silver touches, the perfect expression of the rose in its most natural habitat. The fragrance was created by a master perfumer, using exclusive and natural raw materials in order to recreate the natural sensuality of the rose's scent. Though the rose may be the "queen" of this perfume, touches of white cedar wood, vanilla, and amber add a precious base to the power of the rose.

In addition to all the excitement surrounding the perfume itself, the history of the Mocenigo rose will be presented in an expressive video throughout different significant locations, such as the garden in Alvisopoli to its roots. The Perfume Museum of Palazzo Mocenigo in Venice will present the project in a scenic setting, celebrating the dynamic origins, life and culture of this flower.

Looking for a gift? Looking for a new film to watch? Discover the excitement of nature with the Mocenigo rose. An inspiration within itself, the flower blooms into a wide history of sensory revelations.


rosa moceniga

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