Father's Day Gifting Ideas Featured

 Choose your dad’s gift, according to his personality!

by Sara Kaufman 14 March 2019

Father’s Day is approaching. Daddy’s world wide will soon be submerged with the artistic creations that their kids did in school: pictures, collages and poems enhancing their paternal qualities in a rather – let’s be honest – stereotyped way. The ones whose kids have since long left primary school probably still remember the annual “To my daddy” and “to my father who loves me very much”, which is sweet, but not exactly personal… not to mention the dubious artistic talent of whoever produced the oeuvre, no one is Picasso at that age, not even Picasso himself.

But every father is different, every man is different and each and every one of them has a particular way of fathering, which is deeply connected with his personality. The thing that they all have in common (at least the good ones!) is that they all care for their children. So how about offering a self-care tool as a rewarding gift? Maybe something which he can truly feel his own, because it somehow reflects his character and style.

The world of cosmetics, beauty and wellness has – finally! - opened its doors to men and now offers a wide range of male-oriented products. Check out our selection and choose the best one according to your dad’s (or your children’s dad…) personal taste.

Acqua di Parma – The classy Dad

Acqua di Parma is the brand for the impeccable father. The one who is never late for the school drop off and who manages to change a diaper wearing a tailored suit without even ruffling the tip of his tie. The kind of father who gives books to his kids for Christmas and for their birthday, and who teaches them to appreciate culture and the true value of beauty and quality. For these kind of fathers and men, who you’ll hardly ever see sporting a two-days beard, Acqua Di Parma has created an exclusive line of shaving and after shaving products with its signature Colonia, a scent that embodies the quintessential Italian sophistication.

Acquadiparma luxos© Acqua di Parma

The Merchant of Venice – The artsy Dad

The artsy father might – or might not – be an artist. In any case he probably has a creative job, loves art and design and travels the world with a camera (a proper one, not just the i-phone one). He takes his kids to art shows, theatre shows and concerts and spends hours doing lego constructions and mural cut-outs with them (sometimes even without them). He is the kind of father who truly appreciates the Father’s day kindergarten gifts and actually manages to spot some kind of artistic value in them. For this kind of father, head straight to The Merchant of Venice. This Italian artistic perfumery brand creates exquisite fragrances inspired by the the old merchant trade routes, each fragrance is a blend of rare, exotic raw materials and has a special story to tell. Nobil Homo Venetian Blue Intense combines a musky base of patchouli and birch with fresh and spicy notes of lemon and bergamot. Creative, unique and unconventional.

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Clarins – The sporty Dad

Clarins has created a pampering grooming line for the father who simply loves taking his kids to the park for football. The one who transforms the living room in a rugby pitch, turns bath night into a freestyle swimming competition and pushes his children to try all possible sports, from capoeira to acro-yoga, while taking them with him to his dance classes, bungee jumping and canoeing on the Victoria Falls. These kind of fathers run, they run a lot, and sweat a lot. For this reason, Clarins moisturizers for men are the perfect idea for a gift, with a light feel, a fresh fragrance and easy to carry around, even in a sports bag!

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Dolce & Gabbana – the fun loving Dad

The festive spirit of Dolce & Gabbana is the perfect match for the fun father, the one who swaps jokes, organises overnight trips and invents games. The one who enjoys good food, parties (even children’s ones!), nature walks and watching cartoons. The kind of dad who is capable of turning a supermarket spree into an adventure. The vibrant notes of Dolce & Gabbana’s latest men fragrance, The One Grey, are combined with warm notes of tobacco and elegant grey woods – because playing is, after all, a very serious matter.

dolceGabbana luxos©Dolce&Gabbana

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