Best Hair Salons in Milan Featured

Because we don’t believe in bad hair days.

by Naomi Vakharia 21 February 2019

As fashion week keeps editors, fashion enthusiasts and designers busy running from one show to the other, it is imperative to look flawless round the clock. To ensure this, here is a list of the top hair salons to touch up your roots during one of the most important weeks of the season.

Aveda: Lepri

Aveda Lepri fulfills your hair styling needs with a calm, personal experience. Located on the outskirts of the fashion district, this salon is perfect for a calming, personalized experience. Greeted with a cup of tea, you will be given unique advice regarding your hair, style, and desires. After the advice session, you will be treated to a complimentary Sensory Ritual experience to promote balance restoration and tension relief. The process of styling the hair is efficient and refreshing. The stylists understand that individual style, needs, and desires are always changing and they reflect that knowledge growth with the advice given. Aveda creates a long-lasting relationship with the salon, but also with the stylists. Not only does the salon provide hair treatments, but offer facial and body treatments. The goal of this salon is for you to leave happier, stress-free, and in love with you new hair.

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Maison Mamì

Maison Mamì Hair Boutique creates a unique experience for each client. Focused on total relaxation, this salon is quite similar to a spa. Located near Carrobbio, this establishment has opulent interior design, ensuring you leave feeling grander than ever. The salon offers a variety of services, each tailored for the client. Each stylist takes into account your desires as well as the state of your hair and makes recommendations for styles based on these factors. With this personalized service, Maison Mamì allows for each client to feel confident about their hair after leaving.

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Brush Square

Located in Tortona, Brush Square is known for its attention to detail and emphasis on quality when working with hair styling. The location is quite convenient for fashion-week visitors, as the establishment neighbors the hub for fashion week. Brush Square focuses on simplicity and nature, this salon aims to relax clients and allow them to leave their stress at the front door. Focusing on the individual, the atmosphere and services emphasize creating a peaceful harmony in the body. Detach from the busy world around you and step into Brush Square- get pampered by the stylists and leave feeling lighter, relaxed, and confident.

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Les Garçons de la Rue

With salons for men and women, Les Garçons de la Rue is the place to be. With stylists working on fashion shows, the services and products used in this salon are of the highest quality. This salon has worked with runway shows, photoshoots, and personal events. Not only do they provide haircuts and colouring, but they also design hair styles and offer professional makeup services. Located in Navigli, this establishment reflects the mood of the canals: fashionable and trendy. One step in the salon and there will be no question about how you look when you leave: absolutely stylish. The atmosphere is created by the confidence of the experienced stylists, cool ambience, and trendy hairstyle options. At Les Garçons de la Rue, you know you’re in good hands.


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